"What would you say you DO here?"
—Bob Slydell

As generalist, I've acquired a proficiency for several jobs over the course of my 16-year career. As a designer I'm well versed in the typical tools, but I also know a lot about product management, project management, and I can code a bit too.


I am an independent consultant managing teams through design activities including user experience; visual and interaction design, brand, and marketing. I work with companies in a variety of industries. I work closely with engineering, product, and founders to create profitable, high-converting, experiences both on and offline. Here is a small sample of my work.


Metabiota is a science and technology company that quantifies epidemic risk to create a comment currency for (re)insurance, governments, and businesses. It's dataset and technology platform are used by the world's largest companies to properly plan and prepare for biological threats. It also works on the ground in regions worldwide as a research organization to understand and limit the effects of epidemic outbreaks.

Senior UI/UX Designer

My work included: data visualization, UX platform architecture, management of 2 junior designers, managing engineering and product through production and release, and I authored design and engineering process guidelines. With the marketing and C-suite teams, I helped re-design the public website, authored external investor decks and created on and offline collateral for trade shows and client meetings.

At Metabiota, the biggest user challenges revolve around data. There were four constituent stakeholders: engineering, product, design, and science. This functional group meant an added dimension to the problem solving. From the design perspective it was not unlike an engineering challenge, working with science was about understanding the limitations and how best work within those limits.


Evertoon enables users to make custom 3D cartoons in an intuitive emoji-based editor. Users add their own faces, backgrounds and voices to create characters and scenes.

iPhone App UX Architecture

I guided the UX development of the Evertoon app from its first version. I worked closely with both engineering and in-app art teams to determine the most intuitive user path for feature growth. I also regularly reviewed user testing videos to assess and problem-solve usability issues. In addition, I was also instrumental in both strategic decision making and helped hire a full-time designer to work with the team.

At Evertoon, the biggest user challenge was making an entirely novel experience feel intuitive and usable. I helped develop the core concept of turning emoji into movies by surveying as many existant patterns involving both emoji and storytelling. Ultimately I drove the underlying architecture that capitalized on texting as the primary interaction model.

Titan Urban

Titan Urban is a ground-transportation company who is re-making themselves in the "Uber Era" of on-demand car service. I helped across all design activities with a focus on the mobile application, marketing, client collateral, and investor communication.

iPhone Application

As a part of a larger user experience architecture for passengers, drivers, and dispatchers, it was important to design the application to be usable by a diverse set of users. Continuous field-testing, collaboration with partners, and feedback drive an ongoing design process. App prototype made with Invision.

At Titan, the primary user challenge was avoiding the pre-existing user expectations around on-demand ride sharing. As a book-ahead limousine, Titan was similar but different. Overcoming the difference in timing expectation was crucial. To that end I had to make sure the interaction model strayed drastically from the popular ride-sharing apps currently in the market.

Mobile Style Guide

As a designer, I am often the glue between the user, the product vision, and the ultimately produced artifact. In addition to the actual specification, style guides are important to give engineering and production teams high-level direction in execution and answer common design questions without continuous design oversight.

In all of my work, I always underscore the importance of designing for accessibility. The design choices for layout, size, color, and typography adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0), set out by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) adopted by the International Standards Organization (ISO) to make content accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities.


Pelagius Inc. is a company founded by Planned Parenthood's first medical director who is making oral contraceptives available as an over-the-counter option for women in the US. I'm helping them design their campaign collateral for both community and investor audiences.

Landing Page

A simple page to gather email addresses, link to social media, and fundraising campaigns. I designed and implemented this page with svg icons and Mailchimp, on a custom weebly instance.

Kate Pill Pack
Package Concept

As a part of fund-raising efforts, I created package mockups to sell the unique triangular concept to investors and the community.

Indiegogo Campaign

For the Indiegogo campaign, I created a series of infographics to help tell the story of the need for an over-the-counter birth control pill.

For Pelagius, the biggest challenge was simply around communication. Pelagius has incredible people with an incredible purpose. Most of my work was facilitating the story and working with their advisors to create the visuals to match.


As the Senior Director of User Experience Design and later a Consultant/Adviser I was responsible for all interaction and visual design architecture for, the visual design of the brand including onsite visual merchandising and print advertising, I re-designed all of the core interfaces and more than doubled conversion rates year over year, set-up and managed formal quality assurance practices company wide, organized and ran user studies, was instrumental in screening and hiring several key positions in engineering, product management, and community relations, hired seasonal staff, and wrote design and company news for our blog.

Backer Patent

I designed an experience for customers to see the back of a card without leaving a search results page. The design was copied a bunch our competition but is now Patent No. D700191 and competitors have since had to re-design their sites.


The card customizer I designed in 2009, while I was Minted's Senior Director of User Experience Design, increased conversion rates by over 7% during Minted's 2009 holiday season. It's since held steady and, now 7 years later, is still in use on

Minted Holiday Card Joy Geometric by Annie Clark

At Minted the biggest user challenges were all related to conversion. Conversion is the heart of a successful business. I worked continuously on experiences as they related to conversion; always looking at new features through the lense of both customer delight and conversion required heavy collaboration between engineering, product, and the creative department.

But wait there's more...

This is a small highlight of my recent projects and work. I also mentor junior designers both with clients and in my personal life. As a designer I believe it is up to every design practitioner to create value for our industry. For a full project list, please refer to my resume and feel free to reach out for additional details. And yes, I coded this site.

Enough about work, let's talk process.