Making hi-tech accesible to a wider audience.

Most audiences find it hard or impossible to grasp complex ideas, concepts, architectures, and work-flows without the use of a visual aid. I've created a three dimensional diagrammatic language to communicate these concepts visually. Highly effective at demystifying complicated technologies, these diagrams are the keys to communicating to a lay audience.

The Warner Bros. Records promotes musicians through a grass-roots fan network. They wanted a diagram that would show how the network operates and its pervasiveness.

Collation's software product helps IT administrators map their functional architectures. This series of diagrams describes their product and its value to a customer.

HTTP Layering is a concept that uses meta data to efficiently deliver content across an Internet protocol. This diagram set describes how it works in design and run time.

This diagram describes how Muse.Net is solving the digital media management challenge, and how this technology is different from the solutions currently available.